• Director

    Kathy Williams, founder of InCourage, has over 30 years experience in the administrative roles of Executive and Personal Assistant. Her desire to encourage others in their EA/PA role, brought about the birth of InCourage. Kathy spearheads the main purpose of InCourage - mentoring and coaching Executive and Personal Assistants in their specific role via one on one meetings.

  • What We Do

    At InCourage we desire to see each individual fulfil their role using their gifts and abilities to maximum potential. InCourage provides the advice and support that can turn you into a competent administrator. There are a variety of courses available on the market to train EA's & PA's, but the significant difference with InCourage is that we come to you and discuss your specific needs and concerns within your role. That's what sets InCourage apart from the crowd.

  • Identify Your Needs

    Have you recently moved into a new role that requires skill upgrades?
    Are you finding it difficult to fit required work into the allocated hours?
    Would you like to have a more effective working relationship with your boss?
    Are you seeking better time management and/or communication skills?
    Are you aware of expectations upon you?
    Do you have a job description?
    Is your office functioning at its highest potential?

    Your answer to these questions will help determine how InCourage can help you.

  • Contact InCourage

    Begin your journey to maximising your potential by getting in contact with InCourage. We will prepare a tailored solution to meet your exact requirements and needs.